So many writers go through life never tapping into their true desires and passions. T.K.Millo & Co. book coaching, personalized instruction, and writer’s block counseling are geared to help you realize your aspirations and provide the ideal support, guidance, and feedback that will hold you accountable while showcasing how you can fit them into the publishing realm.

Book Coaching:

Work one-on-one in book coaching to help you get started on/and or finish your masterpiece. T.K.Millo & Co. will provide step-by-step guidance and editorial feedback on your piece. Here, you’ll produce pages steadily and establish an agreed-upon date to which your manuscript will be polished and completed.

Private Instruction: 

Work one-on-one with Tennille-Lynn Millo to uncover your writing potential. Here, Tennille will dive into your work, your writing style, and your goals to develop a strategic plan that will keep you motivated. Instructions target specific craft issues you struggle with using a fun, wholesome approach that is most appealing to the writer at heart: assignments, writing exercises, readings, and/or just plain old awesome conversation. 

Evaluation Coaching:

Looking for an evaluation of your work?  T.K.Millo & Co. offers manuscript reviews, proofreading, and editing coaching services that go beyond the red ink. Through these coaching services, you will receive raw, personalized feedback from one of the industry’s leading editors who will push your writing skills to the next limit.

All coaching sessions begin with a flat rate of $100.

Looking to add more to your coaching services? Check out our packages below:

Platinum Plan

  • $1,000/month
  • Eight—two weekly—60-minute coaching sessions  (or equivalent)
  • Up to ten hours of manuscript reading & critique, development editing, and email exchanges

Gold Plan

  • $750/month
  • Eight—two weekly—30-minute coaching sessions (or equivalent)
  • Up to four hours of manuscript reading & critique, developmental editing, and email exchanges

Silver Plan

  • $500/month
  • Four 30-minute coaching sessions per month (or equivalent)
  • Up to two hours of manuscript reading & critique, developmental editing and email exchanges

Bronze Plan

  • $250/month
  • Two 30-minute coaching sessions per month (or equivalent)
  • Up to one hour of manuscript reading & critique, developmental editing and email exchanges

With any of these packages, additional reading, critique and email exchanges extending past the agreed-upon time limits are available upon request.

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