The reality is anyone can publish their work. There are thousands of publishing companies just waiting to snatch up your product. Yet, so often those books are scrapped and placed on the back shelf because the heart and body of the story was never crafted. Putting your best work forward is the quintessential definition that takes a book, or product, from the lower shelf to the storefront window. Ghostwriters use their knowledge and skills, and labor over your work, so you end up with a transformational piece that everyone wants to read.

Remarkable pieces aren’t just written, they’re labored over, scrutinized, and carefully developed with every twist and turn of the page. Hiring a ghostwriter is like going to your favorite coffee shop — you can try and make the same cold foam brew at home, but without the right equipment and knowledge, it will never taste as good as it does in that shop.

As a published ghostwriter, I have come to realize that everyone has a story to tell. For years I’ve worked closely with entrepreneurs, politicians, CEOs and media personalities to produce polished pieces that exemplify their voice and style. My latest piece, the true crime novel Under Too Long, is currently being optioned for a documentary series.

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Press Releases

Looking to gain media attention for your business or product? T.K. Millo & Co. knows that proper press coverage is instrumental when it comes to marketing your brand. 

With several package designs tailored to your exact vision and preferences, we can help you craft and distribute your message to the right audience at the perfect time.

Ready to get your business the attention it deserves? Look at our packages and see which one is the right fit for you.

*All packages come with a customized distribution list so you can see where your work needs to be.

Add Ons:

  • Media Relations – serve as media contact, coordinate client interviews, provide background
  • Product photography – include photos with releases, separately or embedded
  • Print/Digital Press Kit – company fact sheet,. backgrounders (features), bios, photography, FAQ, client list, etc.

Local Coverage: 

Reaching your hometown clients is an essential step in marketing a business or product. After all, your neighbors are often your first point of sale. Let Millo & Co. skillfully craft press releases designed to obtain local media attention and spread the word about your endeavor. 

Regional Coverage: 

At T.K. Millo & Co., we like to encourage our customers to think outside of their realm. For businesses, that means producing a wider scope and positioning their products to reach beyond the boundaries they call home. Take your first step outside of the area and let us craft and distribute press releases that will gain regional attention.  

Nationwide Media Exposure:

Our premier package offers access to media conglomerates and outlets across the nation. Here we pitch print and broadcast editors and producers looking for new stories; and we develop and deliver irresistible content that magazines will die to sink their teeth into. Living in the media world for 17 plus years, we understand the inner workings behind the glossy pages, which is why we are the obvious solution to getting our clients the exposure they need.

Need More?

T.K. Millo & Co., knows what makes a great story and what keeps your business in the news and ahead of the curve. With only a small number of clients, we are able to cater to your needs and provide extensive services tailored to fit your goals of our clients. Our customized campaigns and spot-on strategies help clients engage with the audience that matters most. Some of the elements our public relations program offer:

  • Writing & Content Creation
  • Editorial 
  • Placements Stories for Producers, Editors, Writers/Reporters 
  • Client Coordination
  • Press Conferences
  • Business Newsletters and Op-Ed pieces 

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