“Block” Busters

Sometimes one of the best things you can do as a writer is to let go and take yourself on a wild adventure. In this space, I invite you to forget what you know, throw sand at the comma, and dive into these writing prompts to create the wildest, most unstructured piece you’ve ever dared to write.

These prompts come to you filled with wild abandonment. Their only hope is that you let your mind be free, create without an audience, and dismiss any genre or style concepts.

Try a few “block” busters below and sign up for our monthly alert to help fuel your writing here. Want to share what you created? Send me an email or add it to the community board for peer responses.

Let's Play
  • What they found inside his nose astounded human science as we know it.
  • On Tuesday, I nurtured a vegetarian zombie.
  • If the purple dot didn’t taunt me, I wouldn’t be sitting beside the raging water with you in my hand.
  • It was a beautiful cadaver–the kind that lights up the room and makes you want to go deeper.
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